day 104

I almost feel guilty about the two plastic bags I pulled from the briars at the soccer field. Perhaps if I’d left them someone would have come along who would have not only plucked them from the woods but then filled them with trash and ultimately put them in the trash cans by the fields.

That always gets me. I can see trash piling up in places where no trash cans exist. People who are can’t deal with taking the trash home with them to throw it away, maybe it’s kids on their bikes or kids carpooling with other kids’ parents who don’t want to bring garbage into someone else’s car. But to not be able to carry it a few yards, or even across the soccer field – to the trash can. Try as I might to justify it – that’s just plain lazy.

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day 103


It’s great when you get your litter collecting done first thing in the morning and then have all day to do other things – like taking your kids to the model boat show in Woods Hole.

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day 102

Did errands in the rain today and all the while searched for litter than I could grab without having to stray too far from the van. Was relieved to find some water bottles and a disturbing number of cigarette packages just outside the bank.

I wonder if there’s a hypnotist who works with smokers in one of the Homeport offices.

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day 101

Today’s the day the United National’s designates the world’s five man-made ocean garbage patches as their own state.

Not sure if I should laugh or cry.

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day 100

So let me get this straight.

You were okay with walking all the way to the big rock in Beebe Woods with your Dairy Queen dessert and a red plastic spoon but once finished you couldn’t carry the bowl and spoon back out?

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day 99

Finally pulled over and yanked a plastic bag out of a tree adjacent to the high school lacrosse field. We’d been driving by and noticing it for over a week
I’m a little disappointed the ecology club didn’t beat me to it.

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day 98

On Friday afternoon at 4:30 I was leaving to drive C to a birthday party and I noticed a dead squirrel in the road – right in front of our bus stop. Ugh, I thought, this will be awful on Monday.

When I left the house again, 90 minutes later, the squirrel was gone and I don’t think he up and walked away.

Nature takes care of her own litter.

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