day 97

You might think I’d be used to the idea of being seen by others pulling over to the side of the road and hopping out to collect litter but I still feel rather sheepish about it. This embarrassment causes me to tug with unnecessary force on plastic bags which always turn out to be stuck in thorns (who knew there were so many thorn bushes in Falmouth?). I always end of raking my hands across the thorns thereby suffering the occasional scrape. I thought of buying a pair of kitchen scrubbing gloves in TJ Maxx the other day that were this groovy dayglo shade of green. But alas they were made of PVC which is a nightmarish substance for the environment and probably not altogether great for my hands either so I resisted temptation and will just have to keep a pair of old leather gardening gloves in the front seat of the car instead.

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