day 93

Today the twins guilted me into stopping at the mall  and picking up trash in the bushes between the mall parking lot and Burger King.

There was plenty of trash but I was loathe to do it because it’s such a visible spot with people driving by you the whole time you’re there collecting.

I don’t mind stopping in literally trashy areas of town, it’s just that I’d rather keep my trash collecting ways to myself.

I’d prefer to be more of a litter elf who secretly picks up trash and crafts footwear for shoemakers and their wives in the dark of night then dissipates when the sun comes up.

Although I’m not altogether adverse to being seen collecting trash. We did pull over in the soccer field parking lot to grab a within-reach plastic bag from a tree. It was way off to the side of the lot and there was one lonely car parked near it. I assumed it was someone talking on their cell phone but when we got closer a woman emerged from the woods mumbling her reason for being in the woods which we neither asked nor cared. I said I hated seeing plastic bags in trees and was just stopping to get this one.

“Oh. That’s nice,” she said though I felt that now she probably felt I was judging her as she’d passed within arms length of the bag when she’d come out of the woods.

I wasn’t.


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