day 85

Up until 6:30 this evening I thought today’s litter haul would consist only of trash picked up in my own front yard (that counts doesn’t it?). But then I did the Pine Bay loop and picked up two plastic bags.

Now I’ve walked this loop three days in a row, and I picked up trash yesterday, and lest you think Pine Bay is a big trash heap, I assure you it’s a neighborhood of upscale homes, beach rights, and manicured yards. It wasn’t trash day – so where did these plastic bags come from? They couldn’t have been there yesterday because I would have seen them. They were differently colored and on different places on my route so I assume they weren’t dropped by the same person.

It was windy today. Did they waft in on the breeze?

I don’t know but I think it’s safe to say that if our house ever achieves 100% reusable bag deployment thereby running out of plastic bags to use as trash liners, which is Ken’s retort for when I chide him for forgetting the reusable bags, we’ll be able to just walk outside and pluck the plastic bags we need from off the sidewalk or out of the shrubs.

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