day 82

For today’s litter I picked up a tiny dragonfly (or was it a butterfly) charm in the thrift shop parking lot making it the end of a great week for finding jewelry: 1 locket at the playground, a pair of earring on Main Street, and now this pendant.

I can’t help but wonder if people retrace their steps to look for lost items. I realize none of these items, pretty as my boys think they are, have any real monetary value. Maybe they weren’t worth looking for. Maybe the necklace was dropped on its way to becoming a thrift shop donation. Maybe the owners of the items didn’t notice until much later that the trinkets were lost.

I hate losing things. I think because it makes me feel as if my life is out of control – which it very well could be, but if I can manage not to lose stuff at least, I could keep up appearances.

Maybe we have so much stuff we just don’t care?

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