day 81

Tried to swoop in and grab a large piece of plastic from the plaza parking lot without getting out of my car today. I succeeded excepting that there was a car behind me and a driver likely wondering what on earth I was doing.

I fantasize about what my response would be if someone did ask me what I was doing. I hope I would say something like, “Are you from Falmouth? Do you like seeing this big piece of plastic lying in the middle of the plaza parking lot? How do you think it’s going to go away unless someone stops their car, gets out (or in my case, leans way over), and picks it up?

I do not think it will go away any other way. It may eventually make its way to the edge of the lot, maybe into some brush or a hedge, out of sight unless you’re walking the perimeter of the parking lot, but not away. Not really.

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