day 80

Once you starting picking up litter you begin feeling guilty that there was ever a time when you didn’t stop and pick up litter; even though it’s still not possible to pick up all the litter that you see.

I think the thing that makes the most difference is making a conscientious effort to bring a plastic bag with you – so that when trash turns up (as it’s bound to do) you’re ready.

Prior to stashing plastic bags everywhere: in my car, in the canvas bag I carry around for a purse, in the pocket of the black vest I always wear; I’d pass buy trash and think “geez, I should really pick that up but I’m not near a trash can and I don’t have anything to carry it in.”

Today we found a pair of hoop-shaped clip-on earrings which are a huge score on account of how much, when worn individually, they look like pirate earrings.

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