day 72


The weather was fabulous yesterday and my husband had the day off so I was in town and thought (gasp!) I’d alter my usual Pine Bay walking route and strike off for the harbor.
I passed two nip bottles and then I thought of it – I’d collect just nip bottles on the walk and see how many I got.
I walked down Scranton from the harbor towards the Clam Shack and turned and went a short ways down Clinton then turned around and walked back on the other side of the street.
Sixty one nip bottles collected, plus the five I saw but could not reach, and the two I initially passed and didn’t have time to go back for. That makes 68 total.
I clocked the mileage on the way home. It was a half-mile stretch of road. If you do the math that makes one nip bottle every 38 feet.
So – does Falmouth have a drinking problem? Or just a litter one?

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