day 65

Judging by the amount of them that turn into litter, the watery vortex known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) must contain an astonishing amount of nip bottles.

I suspect most nip bottles wind up as lither since you don’t often buy a nip with the intention of mixing up some drinks for you and a half-dozen friends in your house. More like it’s a solitary activity that takes place in the back seat of a car. Maybe even in the front seat – which is disturbing on a level way beyond that of potential litter.

Humerously I wondered what would happen if I were stopped by the police with three empty nip bottles in my pocket (which is how I drove home from the library yesterday, since the trash bag in the car was full).

“Officer, I just picked these nip bottles up in the library parking lot. You see I made this New Year’s Resolution….”

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