day 39, 40, 41 & 42

The first night of the storm Ken persevered and got us some trash from Old Silver – there’s always trash at the beach – I said. And there was. A five-gallon bucket (it’s now in my driveway), and some nip bottles.
Saturday and Sunday the trash was more of a problem.
“How can we find trash under eight inches of snow?”
“We just wait for Nstar workers to drop some.”
And no doubt there was new litter on the roads as soon as the roads were passable but unfortunately we were too busy stoking the fire in our house until the power came back on Sunday afternoon to venture out looking for any.
So we are down two days despite our best efforts.
Monday wasn’t much better because even though we went out, that spot between the street and the sidewalk, where the trash collects, is also where the plowed snow collects. We did find a candy wrapper in front of the coffee shop.
Fresh snow gives you a chance to watch the litter accumulate a new. You don’t have to wonder how long a certain water bottle or beer cans been lying there because you know. Since yesterday. Or the day before. And you know how it got there when the sidewalks aren’t plowed and the trash hasn’t been put out. It came out of someone’s care window. Probably someone with four-wheel drive.
I feel like Sherlock Holmes.

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