day 34

Discovered the existence of the litter boycott today. It was my passive aggressive response to crappy treatment at CVS Pharmacy. 

After calling in a prescription and being unable to pick it up the first time because I didn’t have my insurance card on me, I came back with the card only to be told they had to enter the information again because we have new insurance. Mind you we’ve already gone through this with H and S and with S I left the card and returned later in the day – couldn’t they just enter the information for all six of us at once instead of one at a time? Also no. So I’m told to wait and then after 20 minutes I’m told to get back into like (it’s five people deep) because the pharmacist has to go over the prescription with me. I say, “are you kidding? They’re children’s vitamins! I’m not waiting in that line again. My husband can come back for them.” And I walk out.

And I was going to pick up the litter on the grass at the front of the building but I was too irritated with them to bother beautifying their property. I almost regretted the trash I’d picked up in their parking lot before going into the store. Not only did I not pick up their litter – I’m thinking of switching to Flintstone’s vitamins and changing pharmacies. 

I wonder what kind of trash they have over at Brooks?

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