day 31

Here is a list of ways out trash turns into litter. I’d be interested in knowing the percentages here – you know – as if it were a question on Family Feud.

Richard Dawson: “Okay Darlin. Name seven ways that trash turns into litter”

1. It blows out of automobiles, the back of pick ups, and garbage trucks. [survey says! 30]

2. People throw it outside on purpose. [survey says! 30]

3. It gets dumped, chewed, or picked out of garbage cans and strewn about by raccoons and seagulls. [survey says! 30]

4. High winds knock over trash cans. (Seems unlikely but I saw it happening several times today.) [survey says! 10]

5. People stick it on the curb for free but then it gets rained on, ruined, turned from something potentially useful to garbage, and then ignored on the curb for months (That tv on the side of the road on Homestead Lane, people! It’s been there since before Christmas!) [survey says! 5]

6. It falls out of strollers (would explain diapers and binkies) [survey says! 4]

7. It falls out of women’s bras. (They are always mentioning bras on Family Feud) [survey says! 1]

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2 Responses to day 31

  1. akl says:

    ugh. I live on a main street and am always coming outside in the morning to find old chips bags and straws. even worse is having to pick them up and throw them out! grossss

  2. Agreed. At least because it’s winter I’m usually wearing gloves. And we keep the car stocked with hand sanitizer.

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