day 23

It’s funny how you can become aware of litter. I mentioned yesterday the plastic bag I drove past for five days before finally getting around to tugging it out of some thorns. That’s another thing too. It’s one thing to swoop down and pick up an aluminum can that’s right at your feet, it’s entirely another to walk across the street and tussle with a plastic bag that’s stuck in some rose bushes.

Having not found any easy litter on my first trip to town today (I was focused on picking up the necessary accruements for S & N’s birthday). Plus I knew I’d be coming back to town to drop of H at indoor baseball and I knew precisely where some plastic trash was located outside the rec center.

So is it good news that the trash I remembered was still exactly where I remembered it – or is it discouraging to think of how many folks walked by this particular piece of trash (Big Gulp cup) without giving a thought to picking it up and tossing it in the many trash receptacles located just around the corner?

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