day 22

Only about two inches of snow came to fruition. Useless snow according to my kids. No good for building snowmen, no good for making snowball, no good for sledding; and not enough accumulation to get school cancelled for the day or even delayed for two hours. Useless snow.

It wasn’t that the two inches covered all the trash either. You can still discern the shape of a disposable cup and straw from under two inches of snow. 

It was that we didn’t go anywhere all day that presented a problem for litter pick up. So I found myself after meditation practice driving past my road in search of some trash to pick up and thinking to myself (quite correctly) that driving around looking for litter was absurd. Then I remembered the house on the corner of Old Dock Road that’s being renovated and how there’s been a plastic TJMaxx bag caught in the thorns that are growing over their rock wall since the weekend. I keep passing it and meaning to stop the car, jump out, and retrieve it.

So finally I did.

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