day 19

Today the playground at Mullen Hall yielded the usual water bottles, straws and plastic caps. There was also a roll of scotch tape and a tube of lip gloss. I shuddered at the thought of losing my own lip gloss (addict that I am) but reckoned that this tube had probably fallen out of the pocket of some unsuspecting elementary-school student as they hung upside-down on the playground’s monkey bars. It had most likely been put in said pocket by a well-meaning parent and was neither missed nor morned.

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2 Responses to day 19

  1. I have been reading your posts and think it is great that you are so hands on with this. I am finding the trash issue here by home home is becoming a problem. The neighbors are not packing their trash up and putting it in cans, and it is blowing all over. One family actually is eating on paper plates and tossing them in the street…Guess where they land…yep, my lawn. Had it so I put it all in a bag and left it on their stoop. it is ridiculous.

  2. Ugh Winnie that sounds awful. I’m sorry. I wonder if your neighbors will take the hint. It’s so discouraging to look around and see trash everywhere and when you’re really looking it seems like there’s so much of it. Our road is short and a dead end so it’s relatively litter free but I find that around the adjoining neighborhoods and on the larger road our street connects to, there’s a lot more litter on trash day. A combination I imagine, of the collectors being in a hurry and barrels not being secure.

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