day 14


My prediction is that by the end of 2013 Pine Bay will be bordering on spotless. 

If I were asked to collect trash by theme, today’s theme would have been styrofoam. At first I didn’t have a plastic bag so I could only pick up a few select bits of trash, two broken pieces of styrofoam (presumably from the same crushed up cooler or something). Then there were some plastic bags in among the leaves (there’s always a plastic bag if you just look hard enough). There were two actually. I left one for tomorrow. 

The bag meant I could pick up smaller bits of litter and there seemed to be lots of styrofoam peanuts blown down the road. I thought at first that they were from one grouping of peanuts, maybe something that blew out of Friday’s trash. But the first grouping of peanuts was midway down Colonial, then a second smattering up Clifford and a third on Governor Bradford.

Just a friendly reminder folks – the UPS Store (there’s one in front of Kenyons in East Falmouth and another in Mashpee Commons) will take back styrofoam peanuts.

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