day 9

The twins and I went to one of our favorite places today – the little library in N. Falmouth. No story time until the end of the month but Kat gave the boys some coloring pages and we picked up two movies and a book I’d ordered. Lest I sound like the kind of negligent parent who overuses tv to entertain her kids, rest assured I was at the main library yesterday and we checked out books and we were there again tonight so C could take the free iPad class the library was offering (while the rest of us checked out books). I duly noted that the trash can outside the library’s Katharine Lee Bates Road entrance was full to overflowing.

Anyway, the little library, being adjacent to both the baseball field and the tennis courts is always a good spot to pick up garbage. We loaded up a small bagful.

And I stand (sit actually) corrected, there are two bins for recycling bottles inside the rec center. It seems unlikely, judging by all the bottles under the outside bleachers, that anyone outside the center comes in and uses them but again it’s off season, maybe there are some outside when it’s not winter.

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