day 6

A few minutes waiting for indoor soccer at the rec center yielded two shopping bags of plastic bottles, lids, and styrofoam cups from beneath the stadium bleachers. 

I was disappointed that there weren’t any trash cans down on the field but it is out of season and there were plenty of them up by the center itself. I was more disappointed that there weren’t any recycle bins inside the rec center. Every kid who goes in there to play a game of pick up basketball must have a flavored water, gatorade, or some other sports drink with them.

This means the best hope for all those bottles is that they get tossed out.

Unless they fall into the hands of a freak like myself who piles them all into the back of her mini van to take home and put in her own recycle bins.

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2 Responses to day 6

  1. All our halls have recycle bins – I have taught my kids to collect the bottles and cans, we get 10c for each one, so they can have the money, they love it!

  2. In our community the ¢5 returns are usually picked up except for the occasional beer can party in the woods. No returns for bottled water, juice or sports drinks so they often get tossed.

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