day 5

Today was an interesting trash day. I picked up a diaper that was inside a sealed plastic bag w/diaper wipes that was lying a mere 10 feet from a trash can leading me to believe in good faith that the diaper fell out of a stroller. I didn’t actually check whether the diaper was dirty (I’m not that gross) and I was wearing my mittens when I picked it up.

I would like to applaud the playground at the Mullen Hall Elementary School for having not one, but two trash cans on their playground. I know there are none at the elementary school my kids attend though I suspect, since Mullen Hall is located in town across from the library, they get a lot more traffic from the general public.

I picked up a few more items at the playground while H, S & N ran around and C played basketball in the school. A straw, a broken plastic knife, a ketchup packet, and a first: a frozen dinner. Not the empty box – a whole dinner. Still mostly frozen.

It was a rough day for trash in Pine Bay. The garbage had recently been collected and while walking the loop I noticed a number of items that had “gotten away.” Styrofoam meat tray, plastic bubble wrap, the plastic bag that goes around a head of lettuce, a protein shake bottle. I can’t remember what all else. People’s barrels were still out so the stuff I picked up I deposited back into the barrels from which it all most likely came.

Two chapters into “Plastic Free” I was excited to make it out of Jack in the Beanstalk without purchasing anything that was wrapped in plastic. Of course I only bought four things – but still – it felt successful.

In other entertained trash news I asked H to bring in the recycle bins this morning and he kindly obliged.

He even asked if he could bring in the garbage can.

“Sure.” I said. “Thanks for being such a helper.”

Later on when Ken got home his first question was, “Why did you bring in the trash can before the garbage truck went by?”

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