day 4

While parked at the drop-off-your-used-clothes-here van in the plaza today I grabbed what I thought was a magazine from a puddle near the street. It turned out to be a Champion catalogue and there was a broken plastic Burger King cup next to it – more worthwhile than the magazine really because of its non decomposability. I wonder what the difference is between yesterday’s drink and today’s. What constitutes a plastic cup at Burger King? And what can go in a merely paper one?

I felt the magazine (catalogue) and bonus broken cup were taking it up a notch since they were near the road and I could be seen retrieving garbage from the street by people driving past. Is it just me or is there some kind of weird stigma attached to picking up litter? Like you must be a homeless person if you’re sifting through garbage by the side of the road and you’re not wearing an orange jumpsuit or its not Earth Day.

After stopping into Olympia to buy a sled for H (thereby ensuring that it won’t snow again this winter) I picked up a Edy’s Fruit Bar wrapper that was blowing across the parking lot and an M&Ms wrapper that was drowning in a puddle.

After I got over wondering who might be eating popsicles in January I thought about littering prejudice we all harbor. The one where we expect people who eat at Burger King and McDonalds to carelessly toss their cups and wrappers in the street. We don’t expect it from people who eat Edy’s All Nautural Fruit Bars “made with read fruit.”

Oh and about the  drop-off-your-used-clothes-here van, I only put it stuff that’s not fit for donating to the thrift shop or the service center (pants w/holes in the knees, torn tights, cracking elastic waists) since I read that the van sells what it collects for rags.

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3 Responses to day 4

  1. Tamara T. says:

    Good for you. You inspire me to pay more attention to my surroundings and pick up some trash!
    I’m visiting from NaBloPoMo 🙂

  2. Audrey says:

    We went on a nature scavenger hunt the other day and I had 2 pieces of trash listed as one item. Happy to say that was actually really hard for us to find on the trail.

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