day 3

Today’s trash haul included the cardboard box to a 24-pack of Heineken cans which which was lying in the middle of Quaker Road. I stopped to pick it up out of guilt since I’d driven by a similarly-placed cardboard Coke carton.

Who knew that January 3 was “throw-your-cardboard-cartons-in-the-middle-of-Quaker-Road Day?

Cardboard cartons at litter, though, are unsatisfying because they biodegrade pretty quickly. Unsatisfying for same reason were the Burger King cup and McDonald’s sandwich carton I picked up from the bike path parking lot on Depot Avenue though it was interesting that both burger joints seemingly turn out litter-creating patrons in equal numbers. That or there was a lone litterbug with no fast loyalty and a penchant for Burger King milkshakes and Big Macs.

I felt better about the plastic handle that looked as if it broke off a bucket or a sled.

S pointed it out when we were at the elementary school. I suppose it was dropped by a seven year old so bundled up in winter outerwear than he couldn’t have bent over to pick it up even if he’d wanted to.

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One Response to day 3

  1. rennata says:

    Interesting challenge. I think it is a good thing as well.

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