day 115

Coach had the boys all stay a few minutes after practice today and pick up litter around the perimeter of the fields.

My favorite soccer practice of the year!

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day 114

There was what looked to be a father and son picking up trash along that pond across from Lawrence and Lynch which is great because that spot is pretty trashed. I bet they were there to fish. Picking up litter is a good way to spend your time while waiting for the fish to bite.

According to Mapquest it’s called Sols Pond. If we know the names of things I wonder if we are more apt to take care of them?

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day 112 & 113

Yes! Used rain and the cover of night to finally pull over and grab that laundry basket that’s been lying on the side of Thomas Landers for weeks now. I may slap a recycle sticker on it (if there are still any at town hall) and use it to put cans and plastic bottles in.

We celebrated Earth Day by planting lettuce, radishes and sugar snap peas, so I could pretend that I’m sorry it’s raining but I’d be lying.

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day 111

Today was my first day this year working in our community garden plot. My litter for the day consisted of picking pieces of plastic and glass out of the ground. I’ve had the same plot for eight years so could someone explain how litter gets into it?

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day 109 & 110

Am almost over the horror of seeing all that trash on Route 495 on the way home from New York (as if the events of the past week weren’t upsetting enough). There is more trash on 495 then on the Mass. Pike – what’s up with that?

I spent the day today at home catching up on laundry and work so it was up to Henry to save the day by picking up litter after the soccer game. It’s great when institutions and playgrounds have trash barrels outside on their grounds but it’s not so great when they don’t empty them regularly because inevitably they end up upending themselves in a wind storm.

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day 106, 107 & 108

Happily there’s been very little litter visible in the town of Richfield Springs, New York and its immediate environs. At first I figured the reason was that upon our arrival here we’ve upped the population by a whopping 10% but in reading more about the town I found out that it’s population is well over 1,000 so I take that back.

Are the people here just more environmentally conscious? While I do see a lot of no fracking signs in people’s yards I’m not so sure that’s it. More likely it’s the lack of fast food restaurants. If you don’t have a styrofoam Honey Dew Donuts cup in your possession it can’t end up by the side of the road either through driver negligence or error now can it?

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day 105

Looking forward to picking up litter in upstate New York for the rest of this week.

The trash on Cape Cod is getting old.

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